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Colin Web Grover

In 1983, my Mom got me my first real skateboard. A pink Lance Mountain with Rat Bones wheels, Schmitt Stix rails and Independent trucks. Skateboarding has been my life ever since. 

I remember going to the skate shop to watch videos and look at the decks on the wall. Back then, it was all about the graphics. The artwork in skateboarding has always inspired me. In the late 90s, I got really into painting. I would paint on whatever I could find and eventually skateboard decks became my canvas. 

It wasn’t until 2012, that I realized I wanted to start my own skate company. The freedom to express yourself and be creative is what I’ve always loved about skateboarding. Now, I want to celebrate the art of skateboard graphics by featuring different artists on different custom shapes. By starting my own brand I am able to continue to be creative and hopefully skate forever.



Chris Parks the digital illustrator and fine artist known as Palehorse. Growing up on a steady diet of straight edge hardcore, Tampa metal bands, skateboarding and tattoo art, Chris later became formally trained as a graphic designer and typographer at the Ringling College of Art & Design. After spending his early years learning the ropes at a design agency by day and taking on freelance illustration projects by night, Chris took the leap to open his first studio and gallery space in 2006.

With well over a decade now of experience as a professional artist, Chris continues to draw influence from his roots, combined with an ongoing fascination for ancient Asian and Latin cultures, cultivated by travel and research into sacred art. A curiosity to better understand the esoteric meanings behind the images, deities and mythologies of these cultures eventually lead Chris to view his creative process as part of a greater spiritual practice where he invokes Buddhist, Hindu and Toltec philosophies to guide his work and tune into to the universal, creative force that is flowing through everyone and everything in existence.



paul schmitt

Paul Schmitt has been designing and producing skateboards for nearly 3 decades. A skateboarder himself since he was a young boy, today his products are known world-wide for their quality, performance and durability. In fact, Schmitt is so knowledgeable about skateboard construction and so respected in the skateboard community, he's earned the apropos nickname of Professor Schmitt. His dedication to building the highest quality and most durable skateboards that also offer the greatest level of performance can be traced to the influence of the 100s of professional skateboarders who use his products. The feedback from his friends and fellow skateboarders has always been essential to the design and manufacturing of his skateboard decks.